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You want the job but…...

Here is a common problem. You go along and have an exploratory meeting with a new group. They have an exciting opportunity that they wish to discuss with you.Except when you get back to base a call comes in from your Regional Director. "I hear you've been to see XYZ Motors. I need to see you, now" I have seen it happen plenty of times. At MTS we are paranoid about security, making sure that people who are seeing clients for consecutive time-slots do not know each other. Warning candidates if there might be a danger of recognition. But it still happens.How do you handle it? Most candidates hold their hands up, say it was just exploratory and promise to withdraw from the process. Others view it as sealing their fate, so they make very sure they get the opportunity they have been along for, or continue trying somewhere else. But however you handle it, you need to be prepared.One note, it is quite difficult for employers to sack you because of this. Obviously if you have only been with the company for less than two years they can ask you to leave for almost any reason, but if you have been with them for a long time, exploring another opportunity probably does not break your contract. Clearly you need legal advice if you fall into this situation, as there may be some very specific circumstances where you might be in trouble, but in general any attempt by the employer to suggest it will affect your career, your promotion or your relationship with them could lead to a claim of unfair dismissal, or even constructive dismissal. So they need to be very careful, even if they are perfectly at liberty to display their displeasure.In today's fast flowing employment market, looking for another job is not a crime. Exploring potential career opportunities is quite normal behaviour.  But it will still upset your boss. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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