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You want the job but……

Date Posted: April 18, 2018

Here is a common problem. You go along and have an exploratory meeting with a new group. They have an exciting opportunity that they wish to discuss with you. Except when you get back to base a call comes in from your Regional Director. “I hear you’ve been to see XYZ Motors. I need to see you, now” I have seen it happen plenty of times. At MTS we are paranoid about security, making sure that people who are seeing clients for consecutive time-slots do not know each other. Warning candidates if there might be a danger of recognition. … Read More »

Nurture any new relationship

Date Posted: April 16, 2018

We all think that finding a new job is a logical, dispassionate affair. That the new employer will respect us if we take our time, if we don’t get too carried away, if we make them wait a bit before we finally decide to say yes. I have often likened the process of finding a new job to dating. And what you say in the early days really sets the tone for the relationship going forward. So think about this carefully. Whilst you can never lie, you might just one question whether you should be completely honest the whole … Read More »

Stop having to remember so much

Date Posted: April 11, 2018

The problem for a number candidates is that they are too desperate to get the job. We see it too often – this is the job of their dreams, they are scared stiff to make a mistake and extremely eager to please. So while they start off with the best intentions, they are also desperate for the best answer for every scenario. They do their homework thoroughly and make sure they are able to answer every question positively and comprehensively. And just suppose that what they have done before doesn’t fit in quite with the truth. They think that … Read More »

Okay, so what are your priorities?

Date Posted: April 9, 2018

Before anybody sits down and does some serious career planning, you need to ask what are your priorities in life. Because until you clearly define those, you cannot hope to define what you want from your career. I interview plenty of aspiring managers who profess to want to get to the very top. Very laudable, exactly what every recruiter wants to hear. But when you ask them about their own personal priorities they perhaps don’t want to work at weekends, can’t stay too late and work too many unsocial hours. They need a work-life balance. Again, very understandable. But … Read More »

MTS Career Update 808

Date Posted: April 6, 2018

As predicted, March was a pretty poor showing for the motor industry. Headline figures of a 16% fall in sales masked a massive 40% drop in diesel sales. Looking at the headlines in Motor Trader this week, there are certainly mixed messages about what is happening in the marketplace. For instance used-car finance in February was up 15%, though in the first quarter used-car sales are down 5%. In their comment section, concern has been raised once again about the high level of PCP dependence in the industry, a dependence which is spreading across to used cars as well … Read More »

Don’t look shifty online

Date Posted: April 4, 2018

Having any online interview is an unnatural situation for many of us, and needs a little practice. One of the most common mistakes, one that I am very used to seeing, is that you tend to look at the picture on screen. Unconsciously that makes you look shifty as you are not looking them straight in the eye. So when you want to make a particular point strongly, especially at the beginning when you are keen to make a first impression, try looking at the WebCam instead. It has far greater impact. Imagine looking at a newscaster on the … Read More »

Counter offers hurt

Date Posted: April 3, 2018

We sometimes go through a run when an employer persuades a candidate to stay. You might want to get mad, but really it is just a cost of doing business.  And the more of the right people you choose, the more employers will want to keep them. But what intrigues me about counter offers, and even the possibility of them, is how it affects an employer’s thinking. I reckon at least 40% of clients are reluctant to make an offer to a candidate if they think there is a chance it will be turned down. I have never been … Read More »

99% – I much prefer 90%

Date Posted: March 28, 2018

I have heard 99% quite a lot recently. It is a bit of a cliché here in the office. I also heard it during Wimbledon last year. Whenever I hear it, I know that I can’t trust it. Let me explain. Nearly the whole nation saw Wimbledon and watched Hawkeye. So you can all understand the old tennis cliché that the ball that is 99% out is 100% in. A ball just kissing the line is as “in” as a ball landing in the middle of the court. Now let me speak as a recruitment consultant – if a … Read More »

CV Engine Optimisation (CEO?)

Date Posted: March 26, 2018

The Internet has changed everything. With one click of the mouse you can apply to hundreds of jobs, but so can everyone else. While it is easier to apply, it is much more difficult to stand out. And it is more difficult for companies to choose the right one, so the way they view and sift applications has also changed. Because just as machines have helped with applications, they are also doing a lot of the selection. Programs that look at relevance, experience, character, stability and many other factors.  Sifting began with simple pre-qualifying questions, but now some recruiters … Read More »

MTS Career Update Issue 806

Date Posted: March 23, 2018

Vauxhall is looking a pretty nervous franchise at the moment as rumours, and they are just that, circulate that they are about to shut a third of their network.  Or about 100 dealers.  Which is quite a dent in a franchise that is struggling to keep it’s head above water in registration terms. YTD their market share is just 7.16% (and February was barely over 6%). Quite a fall when you consider that back at the start of the Millennium they were tracking at around 13.4%, quite some adjustment is needed.  Which is why the anonymous reports in AM … Read More »

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