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BEN, the automotive industry charity needs our support!

2020 has been an extraordinary year, and a challenging one for many sectors. And while many senior executives are upbeat about the future, many of the sector’s employees and loyal servants need support right now. BEN, the automotive charity, gives that support, just at a time when industry performance and contributions have dried up. This year has been a particularly testing one for the charity. And it was recently announced that they had a £1 million shortfall. Many groups have dug generously into their pockets, and we are asking our readers to do the same. Should you wish to contribute directly to them their donation page can be found here But there might be another way for you.  You have always meant to get your CV professionally written, to get that competitive edge in what is a very competitive market. Over the next three months, our sister company Workagain is offering to donate £25 to BEN for every CV writing, interview coaching, assessment centre and personality profile package that is purchased through our site using a special code. Just use BEN25 when you purchase your product and £25 will go straight to the charity. (And you’ll get 1p off, so we can count it properly!) Click on this link to use your code. For individuals their support services focus on health and wellbeing: physical, mental, financial and social: - within each campaign section there is a downloadable leaflet and case studies. They need all of our support. 


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