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Be a good leaver

I naturally speak to many people who are changing jobs. It is a time often of real emotion, leaving behind good colleagues, trying to placate boss who doesn't want to see you go, uncertainty mixed with anticipation for a new future, a new opportunity. But if you have to do one thing, make sure you are a good leaver. What do I mean? That you do not leave under a cloud, and you make sure that everything you are required to do gets done. That you complete your contractual obligations with your old employer. That does not mean that they have you over a barrel - they can't insist you do more than is required in your contract. I have seen plenty of people cave into emotional blackmail and, having given their one month's notice and the employer has insisted, quite wrongly, that they completed two months before they go. No, good leavers understand what they are required to do. They will agree with a new employer that they will fulfil all of their contractual obligations, just like their new employer would expect. And they will make sure they make no enemies. This is such a small industry, such a small pool in which we swim, that there is no point in making it any harder for yourself than it already is. And besides, you never know whether you will end up working for the same people again. If you do, you want no regrets.


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