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Don't Panic!

Updated: Mar 28

Sitting where we are, in the middle, we can tell that it is a difficult automotive market. But there are bright spots, regionally, by franchise, by department.  As a rule though, we know the market is tough. Falling consumer confidence and falling sales are making people nervous. And nervous people make bad decisions, or at least different decisions to the ones they make in good times. Which is my message this week - to quote The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy "Don't Panic!". Or rather don't throw away all the good practices you have learnt in rather more benign times, especially when it comes to recruitment.  Because the mistakes you make in haste and under pressure now will only come back to haunt you, and in today's litigious environment they could cost you a lot. Take these examples of panic measures from the past couple of weeks, both from reputable, well respected employers.  A manager needed a team leader quickly, meets a candidate from a stable background and offers the job almost on the spot, he confirms with an offer letter.   As soon as notice has been handed in the contract is issued, asking him to break his current contract of a month's notice and start within a week.  It is made clear that if he cannot agree the offer will be withdrawn. Another client needs a sales manager and briefs us on a package - let us say of £50,000.  We put up several candidates, but one in particular we know is strong and emphasise that he is only interested if the offer is indeed the full 50.  Long process, lots of meetings and a call is made to this candidate - would he consider £35-40,000? You and I know the answer, something unprintable followed by "Why have I wasted the last 3 weeks?".  The client relents, and offers the full package. Except by now the candidate has lost interest and trust. In both cases the recruitment was unsuccessful and left both parties feeling aggrieved.  The employers were upset because they felt they had offered what was required and had been rejected - the candidates because they knew there had an attempt to "tuck them up".


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