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Invest in your future

Building a career is not for everybody, but we all have different priorities. For those that are very career minded many want to be in control from the start.  Moving up the ladder naturally involves promotion, taking the next step towards the top of your profession. The problem is that with today’s flat structures there are far fewer vacancies in retail than willing volunteers to fill them.  So instead of the lottery of career progression "it could be you", make absolutely certain you are the next in line. If you study the most successful people in your company, or the very successful people within your industry, then you realise it probably isn't luck.  They are the sort of people who were always destined for the top because they make things happen. Building a career is a bit like a round of golf.  It is a mixture of good planning and skill and plain old luck. But you know that the very best will ride their luck and will always be better than the average. And not just because they are better players, but because they have the skill and mindset to put things right when they go wrong. The market used to place much more premium on employees who were loyal and who learned their trade over a period of time.  Today the market is much more results orientated and just by sitting in an organisation will not guarantee promotion. So instead of waiting for your dream vacancy to appear, you need to make something happen for yourself. What will that be? Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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