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Promote yourself - help others

As most promotions mean more managerial or supervisory responsibilities it is a good idea to make sure that others see that you have some capabilities, otherwise many will see that the leap is too big for you. To start with, you need to be seen as someone who helps others, who listens and who is somebody that others comes to for advice. Coaching, encouraging, supporting and giving credit to others while helping them to do better is always appreciated and noticed. If you can stay out of office politics while not keeping yourself aloof or stand offish, a difficult balance, then you can maintain an even handed reputation.  Remember that the best managers are not only great coaches and good at developing their people, they are seen as fair and even handed. So if you are good at your job, a strong Sales Executive or Administrator, a great Technician or Parts Advisor, why not volunteer to take the latest trainee under your wing? If you have already taken some extra work on then maybe you can justify the help anyway. Again by half taking on staff under your influence you already promoting yourself and you will seem a natural successor to your current manager.


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