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Are you Paddington Bear too?

There is one word that I just hate. I reckon it only ever gets used when someone applies for a job, or in the Paddington Bear film. But as far as recruitment is concerned, please stop using it when submitting a CV.  The word I am talking about? Peruse. But I have never “perused” anything, I am not certain that anybody has done much “perusing” since the 1790s. In everyday speech you would never use it, so why does every third letter offer me a "CV for my perusal”? I am tempted to write back and "assure you of my best attention at all times" which is just as lazy and unoriginal. This is a tough career market. You need to invest some time in your own personal marketing and the way you present yourself.  And I bet no one is going to peruse anything. But Paddington? Now he’s Peru’s favourite bear. And that’s the only place I want to hear it.


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