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It's a shame

It really is a shame. I had a rant a couple of weeks ago about candidates not wasting their own time as well as mine by applying for jobs that they clearly had no qualifications for. Now a slightly different rant for candidates who feel obliged to apply for the same job, or every single job that we have on our website, on a regular basis. There are a number of you, and you probably know who you are. But the first couple of times it happens we are quite patient - we duly reply and explain which roles you are right for and which are not appropriate. The next time we point out that it's the role that you applied for last week. If you were right last week then things are probably already happening, but if you weren't right last week, it is unlikely you are right 7 days later. The week after that we begin to run out of patience, and certainly after five or six weeks of this all of a sudden your emails are marked to go into our spam. Nothing personal here you understand, it is just simply we do not have the time to be courteous and reply to your application every time you decide to click a mouse. Thousands of our candidates use our website properly and responsibly, a tiny minority clearly feel that if they click a mouse often enough, even on jobs they have applied for before, that they are actively looking for a job, actively making applications. I am not sure you are. You might as well go onto Indeed and select the first 400 jobs that come up and press apply. It won't do much good, but you might feel better at the end of it. But somewhere down the line an agency either has to decide to be rude and not reply to you, or polite and go to a load of hassle. And it won’t endear you to us. There, rant over. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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