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I've been sacked, am I unemployable?

It rather depends what you've been sacked for. But most people who apply to me have not necessarily been sacked because they have done something criminal, fraudulent or otherwise reportable. They have been "let go" because the manager couldn't handle them, because the business wasn't going well, because their face didn't fit. And that doesn't make you unemployable. The world is full of people who have been sacked and then gone on to be extremely successful. Sometimes they learn their lesson and are not quite so difficult to deal with in the future, sometimes they have just chosen the wrong boss and sometimes they were just in the wrong environment. Whatever the reason, there is always one golden rule in any interview. Do not trash your old employers, even if they are demonstrably complete idiots. It will never win you any favours. And in most cases future employers will turn off immediately. Loyalty is highly valued. If your old company had a questionable reputation then many future employers will know it. It is fine to say "it was not quite the right environment for me" or "me and my boss did not see eye to eye". And I would leave it at that. Sometimes an interview will ask you to say more, again, remain loyal. The less you say generally the better. If you know you are going to get a bad reference from them, it is best to point that out now. But you need not elaborate any more. Many of the candidates I meet have been "let go" at some stage in their career. It generally only affects your future employment prospects if you see it as a problem. It is a fact of life and most future employers will not bat an eyelid. After all, how would most Premier league managers ever get re-employed anywhere? About 70% of them get sacked every season and nearly 100% of those find a job somewhere else within a relatively short time. It only matters if it matters to you. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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