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www.hy you need to think before you apply

Updated: Mar 28

The Internet has changed everything. With one click of the mouse you can apply to hundreds of jobs, but so can everyone else. So while it is easier to apply, it is much more difficult to stand out. And it is more difficult for companies to choose the right applicant, so the way they view and sift applications is also changing. Because just as machines have helped with applications, AI is also doing a lot of the selection. Programs that look at relevance, experience, character, stability and many other factors.  Sifting began with simple pre-qualifying questions, but now recruiters scan application letters and CVs against specific criteria. Scary. But if you understand what you need to do then you can at least maximise your chances. Look at your CV, especially the "profile" section. Savvy applicants make sure this profile matches closely what is requested in the advertisement. And because the machine will try to judge what sort of character you are, make sure the profile is full of the “action words” they want, such as “developed”, “motivated”, “created”, “achieved”, “encouraged”, etc. If they are going to automate their systems, you might as well learn how to game them because everyone else will. www.hy not? Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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