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Numeracy tests

Updated: Mar 28

To be honest, I'm not certain why these are still used. Most of the information you were required to calculate in days gone by is done on screen. Nevertheless, some employers have a bee in their bonnet about numeracy skills. They view it as absolutely essential to be part of this industry. The problem is, because we do so much by computer, and rely on them so much, most people don't know how to answer the questions nowadays. Perhaps this is one reason why some assessment centres have such a high fail rate? But you can cope and train yourself to be good. There are plenty of sites where you can practice numerously skills online. And that is what I suggest you do. Some even request that you do it without a calculator. Fine for anybody with great mental arithmetic - though why that would make them a great manager I have absolutely no idea - not so great for the number blind amongst us. But practice does make perfect, so you can tell your percentages from your efficiencies, from your deductions and so on. If you think you are likely to have to take one of these then practice. At least you won't panic when confronted with one for the first time. I hope that all adds up.


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