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Keep to your Timetable

You have a packed day of interviewing ahead. But unless you are disciplined it will almost certainly over-run, making the company look bad and candidates uncomfortable. As the interviewer you are the person in control, or should be.  You know how much time you have for each meeting and know exactly what you are looking for.   You do not need to demonstrate how important or powerful you are to each candidate.  You should enable them to show themselves in the best possible light. But to do this they need your help and will really struggle if you are not in control. So as you start, now is not the time for you to give him your autobiography, though many do.  If you start to do so, SHUT UP!!!!! (Sending out a job description before should remove the need for too much preamble.) Give each candidate enough time to deal with the questions you want answers to, and move them on quickly when they get bogged down in some trivia about their early career. You should know where you want to be at each point of the meeting, and not suddenly find that you've run out of time to ask the most important questions at the end.   Stay in control, stay focused and above give everyone a fair chance.  You owe it to them, they have put themselves out to meet you. Good luck. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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