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Okay, so what are your priorities?

Before anybody sits down and does some serious career planning, you need to ask what are your priorities in life. Because until you clearly define those, you cannot hope to define what you want from your career.I interview plenty of aspiring managers who profess to want to get to the very top. Very laudable, exactly what every recruiter wants to hear. But when you ask them about their own personal priorities they perhaps don't want to work at weekends, can't stay too late and work too many unsocial hours. They need a work-life balance. Again, very understandable.But at some stage in your career you are going to have to invest. To invest your time, effort and focus. If your priority is keeping really happy home life, with a family who want to see you on a regular basis, then I doubt, seriously doubt, that you will be able to do the late evenings, the entertaining and the weekends necessarily to crack through the necessary layers. Before you decide on what you want from your career, you need to decide what you want from your life. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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