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Time to dust that old CV off?

You know it's time to look for a new job. Perhaps you're not getting on with your boss, or you've just been away on holiday for two weeks and promised your partner you will do something about your career when you get back to the UK. So out comes your CV, already five pages long and you add your current position to the end of it. That'll do won’t it? Well no actually. This is the most important document you will prepare, that could determine the course of your career. So take as much care over it as you would do making sure your tax return is right, or that you haven't been overcharged by the electricity company. Or that you don't pay 10p more than you have to for that new washing machine, as you spend five hours comparing prices on the web. Because it is much more important than that. It needs to be rewritten and redesigned every time, to make sure you deliver maximum impact. That you sell your story you don't just tell it. That you create a compelling rather than just a competent document Need some more advice? Check out our CV guide. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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