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Use those six seconds well.

I have reckoned for some time that you have about 8 seconds to make an impression with your CV. However recent research by some of the largest websites shows that time has now shrunk to 6 seconds. So when you sit down to write your CV, do not be tempted to think that the tiniest detail is important, that every single facet of your life needs to be included. It doesn't. What can you look at in six seconds? Well I will tell you what I look for. Name Location Companies you have worked for Your most recent job title Any notable achievements. If some or all of those interest me, then we continue reading. But if most of your experience is with the wrong companies or in the wrong industry, you live in the wrong location for the job I am filling, you have moved about much too much or you do not really demonstrate too many achievements then I move on. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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