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Have you been applying for other positions?

Some candidates have a real problem with this question in interview, especially if they haven't considered it before. Their dilemma goes something like this, "If I say I have been looking at lots of jobs, they’ll think I'm always on the move. If I say I haven't, they’ll think they are the only ones in the market. "My suggestion? Why not be truthful? If you are looking at a number of different opportunities because it is the right time to make a move, then tell them so. If this is the only job you've looked at, because you are actually very settled but this one has really piqued your interest, then tell them so. If you have experience that is in demand, it does no harm to show that they are not the only show in town. But, if I may recall the spirit of Sir Bruce Forsyth, it might be best to whisper "You're my favourite" or perhaps slightly less cheesily, "Your company is my first choice". Didn’t you do well? Good luck. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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