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What are your salary expectations?

Or perhaps somebody asks you the slightly more leading "What do you need to earn?" If you are insecure, a little unsure of yourself and not wanting to upset the interviewer, then you will find this a really difficult conversation to have. I will make two points to you, what you need to earn and what you expect to earn may be different. And remember in any negotiation it is really difficult to go up in value if you are selling something, you'll nearly always be coming down. So whatever you say now will be the highest salary you are going to get! Hopefully you will have arrived at the interview with a fairly good idea of the earnings potential of the role. You clearly want to earn at the top end of the salary bracket, they probably want to offer at the lower end. How do you play it? Once again, honesty is the best policy. There is no point in wasting everybody's time if you want double what they are prepared to pay. Some gaps can be bridged, that type of gap won’t be. Never forget that you are worth it! If you walk through the door knowing exactly what the 'market value' of your skills is you will feel more confident. Don't accept less, unless you have a compelling reason to do so. Consider how important this role is in your career, and whether it is already a significant step up from your earnings potential at the moment. Because even if they get you cheap, it might still be a very good career move. Don't be shy when you answer this question - you know your salary requirements. So be convincing, answer in a clear and concise manner that sounds confident and says, 'Because I'm worth it!' Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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