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Interviewing can be daunting, but it’s important

We are all pressured, we are all rushed. For many nothing can be more daunting than the prospect of interviewing 10 candidates for the Receptionist's position that you need to fill. So we put off thinking about it until the time arrives.  We turn up almost late and point out that we have not got as much time as we would like to complete the interview.   We have not finished everything before the meeting, so we continue to take calls.  Finally, as they leave we mumble something about seeing everyone soon - we will be in touch within a week.  The candidate hears nothing more. How much damage is that doing to your company?  First of all the interview was probably been a complete waste of time, you could have spoken on the phone. Secondly the candidate may have been wound up about this for days - in an already stressed situation he or she has had to put up with interruptions and less than your full attention. Finally no contact or follow up after the meeting?  They think that you couldn’t care less. On the basis of these events, he is probably right. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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