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Stop having to remember so much

The problem for a number candidates is that they are too desperate to get the job. We see it too often - this is the job of their dreams, they are scared stiff to make a mistake and extremely eager to please.So while they start off with the best intentions, they are also desperate for the best answer for every scenario. They do their homework thoroughly and make sure they are able to answer every question positively and comprehensively. And just suppose that what they have done before doesn't fit in quite with the truth. They think that they have to display the right competency or give the right answer, so they maybe bend reality a little. And if there is an answer that they don't know the answer to, they don’t say so, they just guess, or even worse they make it up.There is an old truism in recruitment, and I suspect in many other areas of life, that if you tell the truth you never have to remember anything. It is quite a powerful, liberating idea. You will never trip yourself up, you will never have to ask for a copy of your CV from your recruitment consultant, because you can't remember what you said in it. You will never have to be ready with a quick explanation to hopefully explain away inconsistencies in your story.And there is another added benefit, the employer will end up employing the real you, rather than the one you wanted to get across. And you know the worst result in all of this? When the recruiter doesn't like the “you” that you are trying to portray, but would have preferred the regular person. Tell the truth, it is so much easier when you remember everything. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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